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Like any other year, we’re back with another event to enlighten our crowd about the public sector semantic interoperability.

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A Spectrum Of Opportunities

By the end of this conference, our guests will enlighten the enthusiastic audience with a spectrum of knowledge on data information management and others, that will open doors to millions of opportunities.

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SEMIC 2017 on Data and Information Management

Data and information are valuables for every organization. Creating and enhancing the value for this information is our primary goal of the event.

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The events are aligned according to their importance to completely engage our audience, along with coffee breaks and networking lunch and drinks.



Our community of speakers and the motivational speeches by them will change the path of life.



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Connecting with the Semantic Interoperability Community

The interoperability community will talk on the importance of maintaining connections and the valuables of efficient information and data management..

Annual Conference on SEMIC


Programme SEMIC 2017

Like every year, our programs are aligned with welcome speeches, motivational speeches, talk from our guests to impart valuable knowledge, followed by lunch and networking drinks to conclude the event

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How Was SEMIC 2016?

Very well organized event. Thank you very much for the opportunity

Gina D Diaz

I learnt regarding data management.

Rebecca J Bracken

To this day, the motivational speeches help me get my work down and thrive for the better.

Ramon S Bean


SEMIC Conferences (2011-2019)

One of our significant advantages is we maintain the sustainability of the events and the knowledge we impart.

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